Stay at: The Treehouse, Tulum, Mexico

The Treehouse offers luxury living that has little impact on nature.

Garden workspaces: built to be green, surrounded by green

Take some inspiration from these beautiful garden studios, designed by Ecospace.

Enduring Crafts: Screen Printing

With its origins seated deeply in the past, the process of screen printing continues to intrigue people, with the craft seeing a revival in modern times. Screen printer Jonny Akers walks us through screen printing’s origins and current incarnation.

Raising the Bar

Louisa Canham made a bold career move to set up her own company making soaps and lotions in response to the stresses of her career in clinical psychology. She shares her story with us.

Carving among Icebergs

We visit carver Kim Kristensen’s studio nestled high on the hills of Greenland’s west coast, and discover his passion for carving and carrying on Greenlandic tradition.

January Finds

It's a new year, and we're happy to share with you our new product finds, which are in no short supply.

Workspace: Ugmonk

Jeff Sheldon takes us behind the scenes of design-centric clothing and accessory brand Ugmonk.

Whisky Talk: 6 phrases you should never say

As New Year’s Eve approaches, you may be tempted to reach for a glass of whisky to bring in Hogmanay. But when it comes to discussing whisky, you might find it all to easy to utter some controversial words about Scotland’s most famed beverage. Fortunately, Drew Nicolson of Whisky Blendler is here to help keep those embarrassing dinner party outbursts to a minimum.

Keeping it Sweet

Maryse St-Amand and Julie-Anne Cassidy delve into a little-known Canadian tradition and meet the men who’ll ensure that Quebec’s historic sugar shacks won’t meet a sticky end.

Lagom Christmas Playlist 2016

We’ve put together the first ever Lagom playlist for this Christmas. Some of the tracks are Christmassy, some of them are more wintery, but we think they'll all make you feel festive.

Jogging Stockholm

Surrounded by water and open spaces, it’s little wonder that jogging is such a popular pastime in Sweden’s capital. Turkey-born, Stockholm-based jazz musician Robert Ikiz shares some of the best locations to run around the city.

Old Schmuck cold brew cocktail recipe

California-based Outpost Coffee share their sweet and spicy cold brew cocktail recipe with us — perfect for Christmas time.

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