Artist profile: Pippa Dyrlaga

​The practice of paper-cutting is something that requires patience, finesse and a steady hand. Artist Pippa Dyrlaga demonstrates all of these skills and so much more, as she elegantly manipulates an everyday commodity into a work of art. We cut to the chase with Pippa, as she explains the perks of her work and the challenges that arise when working as an independent maker.

Book of the Month: Be Great, Be Grateful

From looking for shapes in the world around you, to disconnecting yourself from the digital world and instead surrounding yourself with nature, Be Great, Be Grateful encourages you to find delight in the everyday.

Sweatshop — Brooklyn, New York

Created as the product of coffee-shop hot-desking, owners Luke Woodard and Ryan De Remer merged the concept of an Australian-style cafe with the functional aesthetic of a design studio.

Finds: Lagom #6 special

Every month we bring you our collection of ‘Finds’, but this one is special: we’ve put Finds into our latest issue for the first time ever, and so this month we’re republishing that selection of Finds online. All photos and styling by us.

My Craft: Kasper Ledet

To Øl has quickly become a household name amongst craft beer enthusiasts everywhere. Its success can in part be attributed to its visually stunning bottle and can designs from art director Kasper Ledet.

The Attaché Guide to Travel: a Collaboration Between Attaché & Lagom

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be working with the team behind the award-winning travel show Attaché on their first travel book, and the project is currently raising funds through Kickstarter.

Lagom Summer Playlist 2017

Now summer’s here it’s time for our latest seasonal playlist. This selection of songs (some new, and some not so new) takes a step back from the motivational soundtrack of our spring playlist and winds down to more atmospheric, soothing melodies for long summer evenings.

Creative Workspace: Nomad, Copenhagen

The hallowed halls of a former courthouse made the perfect vessel to house Denmark’s up and coming innovators and forward thinkers.

Artist Profile: Karl Grandin

After interviewing Logan and Nick from Beavertown about their beautiful can artwork in our latest issue — a story you can also find online — we turn our attention to Sweden’s Omnipollo brewery and their resident artist: co-founder Karl Grandin​.

Book of the Month: House Industries: The Process Is the Inspiration

While we’ll freely admit to being typography nerds at Lagom, there’s so much more to House Industries than fonts — and there's so much more to their beautiful new book The Process Is the Inspiration than type specimens.

My Craft: Pottery West

Pottery West is the ceramics studio of husband and wife duo Catherine and Matt West, whose earthy designs and beautiful product photography have amassed a loyal following. Here, Catherine recalls their journey.

Gorreana, The Azores

Of the things you could expect to find on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic, a tea plantation would probably be among the last on your list. We find out what makes The Azores a prime location for producing one of the world’s best-loved beverages.

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