Winston Struye’s Nepal

Photographer Winston Struye’s first trip to Nepal found him helping out in the wake of the 2015 earthquake; a year later he returned to capture the country’s stunning beauty. Here he shares a selection of his photographs from the trip — as well as his personal thoughts on travel.

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Lagom #4

With stories from Singapore to Brooklyn, South Africa to Greenland, issue four is our most global yet. If this issue has a theme, it would be the idea of breathing new life into the old — whether that’s keeping traditions alive in our northernmost stop of Greenland, bringing silent film scoring into the 21st century, transforming a derelict building into a thriving community space in Belgrade, or shipping rum by wind-powered tall ship across the Atlantic. 

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Stay at: Casa Malca

Few places manage to combine nature and contemporary art as well as Casa Malca, located on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.


September finds

They're hand-made, beautiful yet functional, and ethically made too. It's this month's selection of our favourite finds.


My Craft: Architect Paul Kariouk

For architect Paul Kariouk, choosing the right people to work with is as important as the work itself. Here, he writes about his deeply personal approach to client projects.


Artist Q&A: Katarina Kühl

We speak with Hamburg-based illustrator Katarina Kühl.


Workspace: Crew Collective & Cafe

Montréal-based Crew set up their co-working space to be what they describe as an ‘adult creative centre’ in one of the city’s grandest buildings


Music Without Limits

For Kalle Paulsson, formerly of Propellerhead (the makers of Reason), no software can quite live up to the tactile experience of making music with analogue synths.


Stay at: Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

Georgia isn’t a destination frequented by many Westerners, but set against the dramatic backdrop of the Caucasus Mountain Range, the sleek and sophisticated Hotel Kazbegi​ might have you looking at the next available flight to this seldom-visited country.


Artist Q&A: Paul Tysall

Paul Tysall – who has recently traded in job security for the rollercoaster world of freelancing – gives a refreshingly honest account of his experience working as an illustrator.


August Finds

In the second of our series of ‘finds’ from around the web, we take a look at some inspiring products for the home and office.


Stay at: The Hoxton, Shoreditch

Intrigued by its trendy-yet-informal interior, and its relaxed-yet- bustling public spaces, we were keen to find out more about The Hoxton, Shoreditch. We met with CEO Sharan Pasricha, who proudly describes the brand as being fiercely independent and fiercely local.


Workspace: Paul Ledbrook

Nestled in the Kent countryside in a pear orchard is web designer Paul Ledbrook's log cabin, which serves as his workspace. He opens the doors to us and talks about the importance of taking time to look away from the screen.


My Craft: Baker Emily Garland

Emily Garland works under the name Maid of Gingerbread, and is fast becoming known for her design-centric take on traditional gingerbread structures, drawing her inspiration from unlikely places such as central London coal plates, with stunning results.


Space to Play With

Jaime Boddorff speaks to the New York musicians working from their living spaces, and finds that a lack of work/life separation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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