On the Right Track

Drogo Michie juggles the hectic life of an art director with the adrenalin-fuelled pastime of flat track bike racing. Although the two worlds often collide — sometimes quite literally — the sport enables him to find a true escape from the everyday.

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Lagom #4

With stories from Singapore to Brooklyn, South Africa to Greenland, issue four is our most global yet. If this issue has a theme, it would be the idea of breathing new life into the old — whether that’s keeping traditions alive in our northernmost stop of Greenland, bringing silent film scoring into the 21st century, transforming a derelict building into a thriving community space in Belgrade, or shipping rum by wind-powered tall ship across the Atlantic. 

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Lagom #4 is now available to buy

We’re pleased to announce that our fourth issue is now available to buy from our online shop​! It’ll be finding its way to shelves at newsstands and independent shops around the world shortly after.


Artist Spotlight: Hilla Shamia

Tel Aviv-based artist Hilla Shamia’s unique furniture collection is one of contrasts: combining wood and aluminium, she preserves the natural imperfections of the wood and the industrial precision of the aluminium. Here she explains the process and thought behind her work.


Barbara Ana Gomez’s illustrated song lyrics

Illustrators can find inspiration in just about anything, but for Barbara Ana Gomez, that inspiration stems from her favourite songs.


Charlie Mancini in Lagom #4

Portuguese musician Pedro Marques Pereira has an alter-ego: performing music to accompany silent films in front of a live audience, he becomes Charlie Mancini — a colourful character who probably doesn’t even go to bed without wearing his trademark hat.


Lagom #4 is on its way

Our fourth issue will be out in just under two weeks


Of Woodstock

We all want to be a bit more ethical when it comes to everyday items, and thankfully, more and more independent businesses are popping up, sourcing sustainable, cruelty-free materials to create beautiful products that are not only eco-friendly but packed full of quality too.



Craig Stennett, AKA Asusu, didn’t grow up in a musical house. Whilst most of us were busy with taking up the recorder or begrudgingly heading out to a weekly piano lesson, Stennett was messing around with samples and synths.


Life and Type

Life & Type is attempting to change the laborious process of traditional letterpress with a simple, elegant solution.



Our partners and friends Need have today rebranded and relaunched as Imprint — and unveiled a quite wonderful iOS app in the process.


Confessions of a Builder of Things

From the Horse Brand Co. workshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Thomas Callahan talks honestly about the importance of hand-crafting. To him, the products he creates aren’t just products; they’re objects that tell stories with which people can form a connection.



There’s nothing better than falling into fresh bed sheets at the end of a long day. SUKU make the kind of textiles that you’ll not only want to fall into — you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with them, too.


Sustaining Style

Trends in fashion are ever changing, and consumers are encouraged to transform their wardrobes season by season. For Lizzie Harrison— founder of sustainable fashion company Antiform — the model of the fashion industry is damaging for business, society, and the environment.


New releases from Ableton

It's been a big day for Ableton as they have released version 9.5 of Live, announced the arrival of Link, and unveiled the second version of Push.

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